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Gather all your on-chain transactions into one easy dashboard with Bulla’s explorer.

For Web3 companies, DAOs and solopreneurs, the Transaction Importer acts like a personal multi-chain block explorer, easily retrieving your transaction data and uploading it to your dashboard.

Special features, like multi-tagging and labeling, allow you to customize your searches and reports for easy bookkeeping. The tool works across 14 networks, including ETH and Polygon, and you can search for and organize any ERC-20 token.

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Making DeFi easy to manage

Decentralization means you can make and handle financial transactions in a multitude of ways. You can set up as many different wallets, including multi-sig, for personal and professional purposes.

You can buy and sell a variety of tokens and coins, participate in many different DeFi lending protocols, stake crypto, swap in and out of stablecoins, put your earnings into a lending protocol, or do some swaps to take advantage of a price drop in a certain currency.  You might even need to send invoices and get paid on-chain at the end of the month.

With TradFi, you have a checkbook from your bank,  where you can write down all your transactions and calculate your balance. With Web3, it gets more complicated.

Seamless solution

Keeping all of these transactions in your head is very challenging and error prone. Forgetting one detail could require hours of time reconciling your balance sheet. Recording them in a spreadsheet helps you see them in a list but requires tedious work and is subject to your vigilance in entering every detail.

Bulla provides a unique 360-degree dashboard that unifies all of your transactions and allows you to collect, organize, view and document them.

For transactions external to Bulla, the Transaction Importer can save you time and hassle by “crawling” across chains, searching and importing all of your transactions into an orderly easy-to-read dashboard.

Once your transactions are imported and organized, you can focus on scaling your Web3 business, DAO or side-hustle.

Read our Web3 Finance Guide for more information on how to benefit from DeFi technology.

Tax reporting made easy

Tax time presents significant challenges for crypto hodlers. The U.S. government requires you to report any capital gains and any interest-earned income. You need to have accurate records of when and how you bought or obtained your native crypto in order to run compliant reports.

If you use Bulla to invoice, make payments and handle payroll, your dashboard will reflect all of these transactions. Any transactions done outside of Bulla can be imported and integrated onto the dashboard across 14 chains. Use Bulla’s Transaction Importer, and your accountant will thank you!

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