Bring some order to your crypto chaos!

The convenience of wallet-to-wallet payments is sometimes overshadowed by their obscurity–did I make that payment? On what chain? Where can I find it? There’s no automatic context, no documentation.

Bulla makes wallet-to-wallet payments quick and easy:

  • Transact with any ERC-20 token
  • 14 networks including ETH and Polygon
  • Gnosis Safe and Wallet Connect compatibility

And Bulla documents and organizes those transactions:

  • Add a description for both you and your recipient to see and remember the context for a payment.
  • Add custom tags for easy searching
  • Add an email to alert the recipient you have made an instant payment.
  • Make instant payments in Bulla batch for monthly payments where invoices are not required.

Solve crypto accounting headaches with Bulla Banker

Bulla Banker facilitates peer-to-peer transactions and records them without relying on a central authority and without the hassle of account set-up or time-consuming on-boarding and off-boarding. No more slow processing times, costly fees or intermediaries.

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Source-of-truth accounting

Web2 and Web2/Web3 hybrid systems typically rely on users setting up accounts so they can collect and store vast amounts of personal and financial data, a complicated and error-prone process which leaves you vulnerable and exposed.

Bulla Banker leverages the blockchain to streamline the process and maximize security and efficiency. All transactions on Bulla are instantly updated, transparent and immutable.

High transaction fees

Many traditional payment systems impose significant fees, especially for cross-border transactions. Bulla Banker leverages the efficiency of the blockchain, reducing the need for intermediaries and the accompanying high transaction fees. Users get the added bonus of having their transactions automatically recorded on their Bulla dashboard.

Slow processing times

Traditional financial systems often require lengthy settlement periods, particularly for international transactions. Bulla Banker facilitates near-instantaneous transactions without the need for manual verification or approval from intermediaries and transactions are instantly updated on the users’ dashboard for all parties.

Inclusive finance

Traditional banking systems can overtly or inadvertently exclude large portions of the population, particularly those in underbanked regions or individuals without access to formal identification documents. Bulla Banker allows anyone with internet access to participate in the global financial system, regardless of their background or location.

DAO treasuries

The decentralized nature of DAOs presents challenges for every DAO treasurer paying employees, covering expenses, and trying to stay tax compliant. Bulla is multi-sig wallet compatible and integrated with Gnosis Safe. Users can also upload csv files, making it easy for DAO treasurers to invoice as well as make and record payments to as many contributors as is needed.

Make your first instant payment
Bulla makes it easy to quickly send categorized and documented on-chain payments.