Mint Tokenized Invoices

Bulla Banker leverages the Blockchain to streamline on-chain invoicing like never before, saving time, money and hassle.

The invoicing process can be tedious, costly and time consuming for both sides. Toggling between multiple Web2 apps to track and update data, emailing and downloading documents, then navigating various payment and bookkeeping methods.

Tokenizing an invoice with Bulla lets you bill, notify the recipient and document the transaction all in one step, creating an immutable record that shows up on the dashboards of all parties. The tokenized invoice can be instantly inputted into the recipient’s payment system and tracked throughout the payment process. At the end of the month the recipient can easily batch pay their invoices, making it easier, faster and cheaper to pay and get paid.

Invoice details

Create Tokenized Invoices with Bulla and have an instant, immutable and customizable record for all parties. As soon as you connect your wallet, your Bulla dashboard facilitates quick, easy and secure invoicing and allows you to:

  • Transact with any ERC-20 token
  • Use 14 networks including ETH and Polygon
  • Leverage Gnosis Safe and Wallet Connect compatibility

And with Bulla you can also:

  • Have an instant record of all your invoices and payments.
  • Add a description for both you and your recipient to see and remember the context for a payment.
  • Add an email to alert to notify the invoice recipient

Experience the benefits of Tokenized Invoicing with Bulla Banker

Invoicing is typically a multi-layered process, involving a variety of record-keeping apps that force you to toggle back and forth, on-chain and off-chain. At Bulla, we discovered that minting an invoice on-chain can be synonymous with creating a payment request and developed Bulla Banker to facilitate tokenizing invoices.

This functionality is at the core of the Bulla protocol and allows you to simultaneously create, send and document invoices in one easy dashboard.

Source-of-truth accounting

Web2 and Web2/Web3 hybrid systems typically rely on users setting up accounts so they can collect and store vast amounts of personal and financial data, a cumbersome and error-prone process which leaves you vulnerable and exposed.

Bulla Banker leverages the blockchain to streamline the process and maximize security and efficiency. All transactions on Bulla are instantly updated, transparent and immutable.

High transaction fees

Traditional invoicing is a costly, multi-step process, especially for cross-border transactions. Bulla Banker leverages the efficiency of the blockchain, reducing the need for intermediaries and the accompanying high transaction fees. Users get the added bonus of having their transactions automatically recorded on their Bulla dashboard.

Slow processing times

Traditional financial systems often require lengthy settlement periods, particularly for international transactions. Bulla Banker facilitates near-instantaneous transactions without the need for manual verification or approval from intermediaries and transactions are instantly updated on the users’ dashboard for all parties.

Inclusive finance

Traditional banking systems can overtly or inadvertently exclude large portions of the population, particularly those in underbanked regions or individuals without access to formal identification documents. Bulla Banker allows anyone with internet access to participate in the global financial system, regardless of their background or location.

Read more about Web3 Finance in our comprehensive guide.

DAO treasuries

The decentralized nature of DAOs presents challenges for every DAO treasurer paying employees, covering expenses, and trying to stay tax compliant. Bulla is multi-sig wallet compatible and integrated with Gnosis Safe. Users can also upload csv files, making it easy for DAO treasurers to invoice as well as make and record payments to as many contributors as is needed.

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