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Meet the Team: Mike Perez

Meet Mike Perez, the design genius behind Bulla's on-chain accounting products.
Meet the Team: Mike Perez
Written by
Mike Revy
Published on
May 23, 2023

Head of Product and UI/UX

Hired: February 2022

How did you start out and what was your first job?

I always loved design work growing up, but my parents wanted me to be practical, so I got an IT degree. In college, Honeywell had an IT internship they were calling Honeywell User Experience (HUE) that blended IT and design. I was sold. I got lucky and landed my first UX job before I even graduated college!

How did you get interested in crypto?

I got a job in Denver at Charles Schwab’s innovation lab team researching new tech and product ideas. We were researching the Meme Stock phenomenon and Crypto kept coming up. I found out Denver had a big crypto scene, so I went to conferences, joined DAOs, really fell down the rabbit hole while I was at Schwab. They ordained me as their Crypto SME!

What attracted you to working at Bulla?

I was doing crypto research for Schwab but wanted to build full time in DeFi, really using the blockchain. Bulla was doing this, building an on-chain credit protocol that really worked to send invoices, make payments and all these other possibilities. I wanted to be a part of that.

What do you like about being at Bulla?

I love seeing the potential of the technologies, protocols, and wallet systems to really revolutionize the banking system. Wider adoption has been slow though due to a lack of good user experiences. Bulla gives me the opportunity to use my UX skills to make the ecosystem better. Our new “Transaction Importer” tool lets you pull in etherscan transactions and add tagging, contacts, and metadata to every blockchain transaction. Features like this will bring Crypto mainstream.

What do you really want to see happen in Web3?

Better wallet technologies, please! Wallet security and recovery has a long way to go before people trust using it over a bank or exchange.

In your spare time what are you doing?

Snowboarding! Also learning Spanish and listening to Hip Hop.


Ski mountain: Winter Park

Artist: Drake

Movie: The Matrix