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Use our bankless Web3 protocol to send invoices, pay remittances and manage all your business and personal accounts.

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Bulla Banker

A Bankless Blockchain Invoicing System

A blockchain agnostic simple accounting app that allows users to invoice and track payments from multiple cryptocurrencies in one ledger.

How does it work?

Get up and running in 2 easy steps to start sending invoices and receiving payments

Connect your Wallet

1. Connect your Wallet

Bulla will run on Ethereum, xDai and RSK (to start). If we are on your chain, connect your wallet and you are onboarded!

Recieve payments & Invoices

2. Invoice & receive payments

Got an email from a Bulla? Follow the email directly to the tokenized claim. Pay, reject and manage all claims from your Bulla network.

Key Protocol Features?

Explore some of the key features available on the Bulla Protocol

Easy Onboarding

Easy Onboarding

Got a crypto wallet? Are you on a network like xDai, RSK or Mainnet? Open your wallet and go to Bulla.Network. You may already see a payable. If not, create your first BullaBanker and start to remit or invoice. It's that simple!

Become part of the bankless revolution!

Tokenised Invoicing

Tokenized Invoicing

Create and send claims (tokenize) from your custom Bulla(s). Onboard friends with a simple email. Share ledgers of claims, payments and remittances.

Easily manage crypto on chain

Web3 Accounting

Stakeholder Web3 Accounting

Collaborative banking fees accrue to the collaborateurs in the Bulla DAO and not the banks! Bulla protocol enables 'triple entry' accounting for digital wallets. Share claims with others and collaborate via our governance token.

Time for less TradFi and more DeFi?

What is a Bulla?

Tokens are as old as commerce. Before there were banks or even centralized currencies, a Bulla was an ancient way to keep track of the sale of goods.

This hollow clay vessel held smaller clay stones/rocks – or what we might describe as TOKENS – each representative of a quantity of specific goods that were purchased.

A combination of a system of receipts/proof of purchase and an ancient accounting system (pre-abacus) — a Bulla was similar in many ways to a modern day Ledger.

Image depicting a Bulla

Meet the team

Enthusiastic individuals creating an extraordinary solution

Mike Revy
Mike Revy
Jeremy Frank
Jeremy Frank
Barry Goers
Barry Goers
Business Dev
Blake Burris
Blake Burris
Marketing Lead
Colin Neilsen
Colin Neilsen
Full-stack Blockchain Engineer
Michelle Murphy
Michelle Murphy
UX/UI Specialist
Ben Gobeil
Ben Gobeil
Senior Full Stack Software Developer
Jennifer Lisle
Jennifer Lisle
Social / Communications

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